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Spring is here, Private Capital is available, Construction, Land Financing, Residential, Commercial, Your SOURCE for Capital....(ONT, BC, AB) Source Capital !

Source Capital is a Mortgage Brokerage which focuses on sourcing, underwriting, syndicating and administering private mortgage loans on titles to Residential and commercial properties in urban centres across Ontario / BC / Alberta.

Whether your client is looking to consolidate debt or inject capital into their business, Source Capital assesses equity in a property and provides private mortgage financing based primarily on the equity of a specific property with less emphasis on the personal covenant of the borrower. Many of these mortgages are for residential deals that do not fit within the lending guidelines of a traditional financial institution or for those who are looking to secure second mortgages with high LTVs. We evaluate the strength of a property, as opposed to the borrower, and govern our loan accordingly.

Lending Parameters

• Loans between $50,000 and $1.5 million to 85% LTV - Residential

• Loans between $100,000 to $2 million to 70% LTV - Commercial

• Lending in urban centres across Ontario / BC / AB

• Land and Construction financing available

• Short term solution: 1 or 2 year terms, flexible repayment options

• Equity based: We focus on the strengths of the property rather than the weaknesses of the borrower

• Fees: Generally 2% of loan amount plus broker fees

• Quick closing: Within 5 business days for residential and 10-12 business days for commercial.

Property Types

• Residential properties across Ontario / BC / AB

• Industrial Buildings: Warehouses and manufacturing facilities

• Agricultural property in Ontario

• Construction Projects: Custom homes

Recently Funded Transactions


Oakville, Ontario


• Provided 1st mortgage up to 85% LTV at 6.99%

• Self-employed borrowers with minimal personal income

• Client was secured mortgage within 10 business days

2nd mortgage on a residential property

Mississauga, Ontario


• Provided $400K up to 80% LTV at 9.99%

• Funded within 6 business days of providing commitment

• New appraisal

• Personal CRA and credit card debt consolidated

• Owner occupied

Commercial Retail Unit

Richmond, BC.


• Commercial Condo with a cannabis store

• Lent 75% of appraised value

• 2nd mortgage and refinance on two commercial condo units.

Custom home

Richmond Hill, Ontario


o $1,350,000 in multiple tranches through different construction phases

o Self employed borrowers, owned land. 

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